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Wednesday & Friday 22:30 - 03:00
Saturday 22:00 - 03:00
Sunday 22:30 - 03:00
22:30 to 00:00   -   £10 Everyone

00:00 to Close   -   £20 Everyone


To join the guestlist simply send a message to Libertine via our instagram or Facebook pages, requesting guestlist with the date and the full names of everyone in the group. 

Libertine by Chinawhite operates a 100% ID scan policy.  Please ensure you bring valid photographic ID with you. 


PLEASE NOTE: Although the HOUSE guestlist has priority over all other guestlists, no guestlist guarantees entry, we have final discretion at the door for all guests and management reserves the right to refuse entry.


We have a mixed sex entry policy therefore please ensure you arrive in equal numbers of ladies and gentlemen.


Although we don’t operate a formal dress code we request that you and your guests dress smartly.  We recommend smart glamorous as a guideline. 


A queue forms quite quickly, so please do arrive as early as you can and state that you are on the HOUSE list, guests on the house list may use the table queue to gain entry until 23.30.


We work in association with a licensed taxi firm who have a full time representative at the door to assist you.


We look forward to seeing you soon, 

The Libertine Team 


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